Happy Birthday Charlie!

April 10th, 2012
Posted by Carol / 7 Comments

I would like to wish Charlie a very blessed and wonderful birthday today. I hope it is everything you wanted and more! icon smile Happy Birthday Charlie!

Feel free to leave your wishes below in the comments. icon smile Happy Birthday Charlie!

7 Comments on “Happy Birthday Charlie!

  1. Renai Levesque
    / Reply

    Happy Birthday handsome!

  2. nika
    / Reply

    Happy Bday Charlie! Hope you have an amazing day! Much love. < 3

  3. Anja
    / Reply

    Happy Bday Charlie! Wish you all the best!

  4. Jen
    / Reply

    Happy Birthday Charlie! I hope you really, honest to God, enjoy the hell out of your day.
    Much love and adoration,

  5. jax1952
    / Reply

    Hey Charlie,

    So sorry I missed your b-day. Happy belated. Love Ya and SOA. Cannot wait to see all of you again for the new season. Especially U.

  6. anna deck
    / Reply

    well, sorry i forgot to leave a comment anyways, i was looking for a new comp., so……. happy bday just a lil late dude! cant wait for season 5 of soa!!!!

  7. Barbara
    / Reply

    HHB Charlie.. : ) cant wait for crimson peck…..u so cute…..

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