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May 29, 2014

Charlie alongside his fellow Sons of Anarchy co-stars were spotted filming their first day back for season seven of Sons of Anarchy in downtown Los Angeles today. Check out the photos in the gallery now.

thumb 007 Charlie and Cast Spotted Filming Sons of Anarchy in Los Angeles thumb 006 Charlie and Cast Spotted Filming Sons of Anarchy in Los Angeles thumb 014 Charlie and Cast Spotted Filming Sons of Anarchy in Los Angeles thumb 020 Charlie and Cast Spotted Filming Sons of Anarchy in Los Angeles

May 9, 2014

The Academy voters are soon going to have to stop seeing Charlie Hunnam as a hunk, and add trained thespian to their list, and give this man an Emmy Award. Highlight Hollywood has learned that filming for season 7 of the FX smash hit TV series “Sons of Anarchy” is set to begin at the end of the month, and Jax (Charle Hunnam) will be on a mission to avenge wife Tara’s (Maggie Siff) death. We know where that will ultimately lead, don’t we?

The show’s creator Kurt Sutter recently revealed that episodes 1 & 2 of what will be the shows final season were submitted to FX with a disclaimer due to their dark tone. Could mad genius Sutter write anything less?

Last season, in one of the shows most brutal, but amazingly produced and shot scenes, Tara was killed by Jax’s mom, Gemma (Katey Segal). These two ladies had a heck of a year in 2013, and one of them (Segal) has even more drama coming this fall.

It now appears definite that both Gemma and Juice (Theo Rossi), who helped her cover up the murder, will face Jax’s wrath and shall we say, may not survive, confirming one of the many rumors about this last season.

Show fans know Sutter is not afraid to do the unthinkable, as evidenced by the surprising murders of Clay (Ron Perlman) and Tara in season 6. This means no one, not even Jax, is safe, although Sutter previously said openly that with Opie gone he would think twice before killing off fan favorites like Tigs or Chibs.


May 6, 2014

One of Hollywood’s sexiest hunks, Charlie Hunnam is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to psychotic and challenging roles. Currently filming his upcoming thriller film “Crimson Peak” with “Pacific Rim” director Guillermo del Toro, Hunnam made headlines when he shaved his “Sons of Anarchy” beard to play Dr. Alan McMicheal in the period film.

Known to be very particular on the roles he plays, the 34-year-old actor started acting when he was 15 and was given three episodes in a British children’s show. His first break was from Channel 4’s drama “Queer as Folk” where he played Nathan Maloney, a 15-year-old teenager who was eager to explore the gay culture for the first time.

Playing a curious teenager in “Queer as Folk” gave Charlie that much needed boost of confidence and exposure. Although not everyone was happy and thrilled about it, the show was definitely ground-breaking and earned record ratings.

“I have 60 years to make the money, but the choices I make in the next five years are really going to define my career,” the actor revealed in an interview posted on Wikipedia.

In an interview with Detour Magazine, the actor revealed that one man cornered him on a train and told to be ashamed of himself.

“I was like, dude, I didn’t … kill anyone in Queer as Folk, you know? I don’t gang-shoot anyone. If you think it’s irresponsible to play a gay character; then I don’t know what to say to that,” says the actor during the train incident.

Thanks for his role as Natham Maloney, the SOA actor’s career expanded and he got to play some of his memorable psychotic roles.

“I played the psycho in Cold Mountain, my character in Green Street is fairly psychotic and now I’ve got this role,” revealed the star.


Apr 29, 2014

Thanks to Gabby, I have added some on set images of Charlie from Crimson Peak which is currently filming.

thumb 0002 Charlie Hunnam on the Set of Crimson Peak thumb 0032 Charlie Hunnam on the Set of Crimson Peak thumb 0004 Charlie Hunnam on the Set of Crimson Peak thumb 0033 Charlie Hunnam on the Set of Crimson Peak

Apr 29, 2014

I have added captures of Charlie Hunnam in his 1999-2000 role as Nate in Queer as Folk UK to the gallery. They are not the best of caps but unfortunately the series isn’t going to get re-aired in better quality but I hope that you can all at least enjoy them! I have also added captures of the deleted and extended scenes as well. Please remember that these screen captures do contain adult content.

thumb 0072 Queer as Folk UK Screen Captures thumb 0152 Queer as Folk UK Screen Captures thumb 0084 Queer as Folk UK Screen Captures thumb 0044 Queer as Folk UK Screen Captures
thumb 0042 Queer as Folk UK Screen Captures thumb 0034 Queer as Folk UK Screen Captures thumb 0050 Queer as Folk UK Screen Captures thumb 0067 Queer as Folk UK Screen Captures

Apr 11, 2014

I had meant to post this earlier but I was at work! Charlie Hunnam Fan would like to wish the man himself a very happy birthday. The Sons of Anarchy star turns 34 today and yet he still looks like he’s in his 20’s! Happy Birthday Charlie, looking forward to seeing you back on our tv’s weekly this fall!

Apr 10, 2014

FX’s Sons of Anarchy talented creator Kurt Sutter has revealed what his plans were for Jax (super-hunk Charlie Hunnam) and the rest of the SAMCRO crew in the final season. After the events of season 6, Jax will find himself riding solo in the final season.

“It really is Jax completely untethered and on his own in the final season,” Sutter said. “It would be difficult to rid of characters like Tig and Juice and Chibs, especially with Opie gone. They feel like family to people. You have to be very careful not to be arbitrary in terms of who lives and who dies.”

The show has not been kind to many of its characters, often killing off some of the most important ones. With both Clay (Ron Perlman) and Tara (Maggie Siff) being killed off in season 6, the show proved that no one was safe in Charming. Sutter has also revealed some of the cast he expects to return for the final season of SOA. In addition to stars Hunnam and Katey Sagal (who plays Gemma), season 7 will at least see the return of Jimmy Smits as Nero and Peter Weller as Charles Barosky.

He also said that he intends on bringing back CCH Pounder, who plays Tyne Patterson, though the actress is signed on for a starring role in the new CBS drama NCIS: New Orleans.

Sons of Anarchy season 7 premieres in fall 2014 on FX, though the network has not yet announced an official air date.


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